Wednesday, June 11, 2008


and i wonder
does the heart of the sun
burn as mine does
for you?


you go: to where
you come: from there
but where is there
and what the fare
to cross so many a border?
lines drawn by men with silken casts on
broken minds, with stealthy crafts and

i will find
you, though your flight is unseen
and your escorts demean all
attempts to glean from your

beauty, wisdom
and i follow, i follow
always i follow
that i might without passport of mind

cross the lines

Monday, June 9, 2008


a dead man gave to me life, in his words
flooding my outstretched hand
a wounded heart carries the weight of the world
traversing a monochrome land
and i wonder why
(while i sit, they die)
you and i cannot fly

oh mother of death!
let the quilt that you wrap 'round our souls
rise out of mass graves
(churches and banks)
to suffocate all for which you give thanks
to halt the advance of the bloodthirsty ranks
and smother, smother, (smother!)


smoke and the sun are all that remains
but it rains
it rains
sweet and furious it rains
dark and glorious it rains

i bare my palm to the ground