Wednesday, March 24, 2010

someplace I can see the mountains

someplace i can see the mountains I AM far over the rooftops ridges in the mistwe are in golden sunlight under purple sky mad energy direct from RA

Lucrates, Mr. Sweetleaf & Mebarefootstanding on the roof Ozan slipped down trying to climb up in his socks he brought us a such a glorious fat spliff

birds in yellow and pinkfly toward the mountains--craziest cloud formations i ever saw taking me back to the amazon 14 years oldwith dad on the riverboat i took a picture of the sunset

here now aotearoa land of the long white cloud where Polly and i talk blissed acid trips energy & the Way memories of the flood we survived together & the whole Rainbow family dancing in the streets of Haast shivering with joy in the suburban void

powerlines leading up to the cross don't obstruct the view--they paint the lines of a masterpiece faroff siren and off beat tribal drum in the garden below--perfect soundtrack to the fivestar film called RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW

wind in my hair and the last few streaks of orange refuse to say their goodnight's until finally Ra tucks in the last of his divine sunray children and i sing them a lullaby in love with the jagged horizon someplace I can see the mountains I AM