Saturday, May 31, 2008

and so i go

i go to love recklessly
i go to expand my mind and my soul and my heart
i go to slide down slippery slopes of snow on a piece of wood
i go to learn to live outside myself
i go to kick myself out of my comfort zone
i go to free my soul
i go to break out of the bubble like escaping from jail
i go to be truly myself, where none knows any different
i go to share myself
i go to commune with strangers' souls
i go to defy my own expectations for myself
i go to live truly
i go to immerse myself in a different universe
i go to get away
i go to move on
i go to be free
i go to find beauty and meaning
i go to capture the same in various arts
i go so far
i go to argentina

and so i forsake thee temporarily, dear lemming tree
it seems that you shall be out of season
be ready, for though i go to charge off the cliffs
i'll be back
in a hot air balloon
with no regard for cliffs

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

our last moment together

they call, they come, they call
heart of leather, words an awl

kingdom: intro

welcome, fine guests, to my dark kingdom--
my evil empire (lake of fire)
walls of dire inky black
black more vibrant than any night sky
ever wished to lack
black with purpose
black with memory
black that knows my soul
as the river knows the barren peaks
whose purity it stole.

yet look no more! agape, aghast
upon these hell-washed bricks--
no sum of wide-eyed moments passed
could ever buy the fix--
set sail from under the shadow
cast by time's decrepit machine
let wonder's winds and wisdom's waves
propel this boat of dreams
to a land (that seems so) far away
to a city lit up like the day
by fireworks in constant play
a place so full of joy, (they say)
thunderstorms know to stay at bay
and the gods grant the gardens eternal may.


a movie entitled "Time Flies"
watched on the screen of my eyes
unreal-- epic hugs and goodbyes

over: i find
no rewind

Friday, May 23, 2008



beautiful apprentice of my dear delight
spare me not any joy tonight

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


i am a cross left by the road
i am a paper bearing deadly last goodbyes
i am a fan blade spinning round and round and round

i am the one that lets you breathe

Monday, May 19, 2008

proud of

Maybe I can find a way to use photography to be able to go to shows for free and photograph them!

you are

i am the river and you are the gravity
you are the moontide and i am the helpless sea
you are the rain and i am a dying tree

you are the bird that flees from safety that it might be truly free

Monday, May 12, 2008


There's this war in me between enjoying my freedoms and wanting so badly to live again in that beautiful cage...