Tuesday, August 18, 2009

and this is how i know we are one

the tree that shades my head against the heat took root
in the dust of my ancestor's remains

i, too, will one day turn to earth
and the grass will pay homage to my memory
by growing thick and lush
and my great grandchildren will free their toes
in its glorious green and laugh

and i laugh too, for i am content
with my part in the great unending cycle

but-- i will not rest until
i have made of it the best & i will
climb up up to the crest of existence and


that's death
and i am
at peace
with this.

a leaf being slowly lowered to the earth
by the dancing hands of the wind

snow in the spring sun, melting without protest
plays martyr to the thirst of budding green

dandelions being blown to pieces by overzealous children
give life to the next yellow-headed generation...

it's all a bell
ringing on and on
resonating from the heart of Life
and existence is just an echo