Wednesday, March 24, 2010

someplace I can see the mountains

someplace i can see the mountains I AM far over the rooftops ridges in the mistwe are in golden sunlight under purple sky mad energy direct from RA

Lucrates, Mr. Sweetleaf & Mebarefootstanding on the roof Ozan slipped down trying to climb up in his socks he brought us a such a glorious fat spliff

birds in yellow and pinkfly toward the mountains--craziest cloud formations i ever saw taking me back to the amazon 14 years oldwith dad on the riverboat i took a picture of the sunset

here now aotearoa land of the long white cloud where Polly and i talk blissed acid trips energy & the Way memories of the flood we survived together & the whole Rainbow family dancing in the streets of Haast shivering with joy in the suburban void

powerlines leading up to the cross don't obstruct the view--they paint the lines of a masterpiece faroff siren and off beat tribal drum in the garden below--perfect soundtrack to the fivestar film called RIGHT HERE RIGHT NOW

wind in my hair and the last few streaks of orange refuse to say their goodnight's until finally Ra tucks in the last of his divine sunray children and i sing them a lullaby in love with the jagged horizon someplace I can see the mountains I AM

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

while we sleep (love before first sight)

love cannot wait for the moment
our eyes meet

so our spirits sneak out and liaison
while we sleep

revoluciĆ³n. de amor. ahora.

Hugs to all en mass
Spreading the vibe of white light all over the WORLD with Radical living
Song and dance.
A desire and unfolding fulfillment of all hearts being connected will be EXPONENTIAL!!!!

We will break down the invisible castle walls that pervade our daily interactions, that leave us in our inner bubble thinking of the self instead of the grander self of all that IS.

Turning of the world's attention outward to all life, seeing the universe as ONE holy infinite timeless wonder, one sacred moment in boundless mystery, along with a realization that HEAVEN is on EARTH and within our power to achieve, by mass radical love, manifesting itself in each action.

An army of light will rise up and show the world a new way, a sustainable utopia of community is possible- focus on the white Light flowing between all souls and LIVE AS ONE


Tuesday, August 18, 2009

and this is how i know we are one

the tree that shades my head against the heat took root
in the dust of my ancestor's remains

i, too, will one day turn to earth
and the grass will pay homage to my memory
by growing thick and lush
and my great grandchildren will free their toes
in its glorious green and laugh

and i laugh too, for i am content
with my part in the great unending cycle

but-- i will not rest until
i have made of it the best & i will
climb up up to the crest of existence and


that's death
and i am
at peace
with this.

a leaf being slowly lowered to the earth
by the dancing hands of the wind

snow in the spring sun, melting without protest
plays martyr to the thirst of budding green

dandelions being blown to pieces by overzealous children
give life to the next yellow-headed generation...

it's all a bell
ringing on and on
resonating from the heart of Life
and existence is just an echo

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

i understood

my eyes are open
but i walk through fields of dreams

i am stronger today
less a boy and more a man

ah, the infinite questions
better to focus on one another's eyes

we don't pretend to know what this is
labels do not suffice to explain the actions of the soul

i have learned
not to hold my heart back, to let it dance

and when i opened my arms to the sun
(to you) i felt my soul bloom like a lotus and i


Tuesday, June 30, 2009


skin longs to be
against skin

and flesh
against flesh
(the eternal desire)

but bones, bones
our bones

only in the grave.


i am the innocent misled bluebird
that tried to fly inside the house one year
& was cruelly denied by a fresh & sparkling window.
because all he wanted was to explore his world
a little deeper.

it's not so easy, being an adventurer
but i'll pick myself from the gravel
& fly again.