Wednesday, October 14, 2009

revolución. de amor. ahora.

Hugs to all en mass
Spreading the vibe of white light all over the WORLD with Radical living
Song and dance.
A desire and unfolding fulfillment of all hearts being connected will be EXPONENTIAL!!!!

We will break down the invisible castle walls that pervade our daily interactions, that leave us in our inner bubble thinking of the self instead of the grander self of all that IS.

Turning of the world's attention outward to all life, seeing the universe as ONE holy infinite timeless wonder, one sacred moment in boundless mystery, along with a realization that HEAVEN is on EARTH and within our power to achieve, by mass radical love, manifesting itself in each action.

An army of light will rise up and show the world a new way, a sustainable utopia of community is possible- focus on the white Light flowing between all souls and LIVE AS ONE


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