Saturday, May 31, 2008

and so i go

i go to love recklessly
i go to expand my mind and my soul and my heart
i go to slide down slippery slopes of snow on a piece of wood
i go to learn to live outside myself
i go to kick myself out of my comfort zone
i go to free my soul
i go to break out of the bubble like escaping from jail
i go to be truly myself, where none knows any different
i go to share myself
i go to commune with strangers' souls
i go to defy my own expectations for myself
i go to live truly
i go to immerse myself in a different universe
i go to get away
i go to move on
i go to be free
i go to find beauty and meaning
i go to capture the same in various arts
i go so far
i go to argentina

and so i forsake thee temporarily, dear lemming tree
it seems that you shall be out of season
be ready, for though i go to charge off the cliffs
i'll be back
in a hot air balloon
with no regard for cliffs

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