Sunday, June 7, 2009

the truth about geysers / the subterranean tango

somewhere, deep, underground
there is a hallowed dancefloor where i tango with my one true love
we are subterranean dolphins doing backflips in the dirt
and when we come to the surface
to breathe through the eyes in our backs,
they call it a geyser.

we may be Old but we will be Faithful
until the muddy end.


Katie said...

i really like this. especially the muddy end.

Anonymous said...

If this is Dan Wagner, its Zack. I left you in a rush from Ben Harper, sans my notebook. I hope you will take care of it until I see you again. When are you coming back to Montreal?

Dan said...

Dude!!! I'm still here for tonight! not leaving until tomorrow! I felt so bad when i remembered I still had it! So my number is 610.301.2404 and if we can't connect before tomorrow morning then I'm going to leave it with my friend and give you his number so you can pick it up from him. Shit man, I totally forgot I had it. So call or send me an email so we can figure something out...