Monday, December 22, 2008


my great desire and deep wish is to make a massive impact on the world through the giving of love and joy and wisdom. i have a burden especially for those oppressed of Soul, existing but not LIVING, the walking dead on their way into the mold of mediocrity and greed that our society places so conveniently in their path. i want those without food, water, or opportunity to get it, too. there's a more concrete solution to that, i'll spread awareness about what's happening, spark passion in others to stop it, ask the world for money to buy food, etc. but how do i go about infusing Life into life? the first step is to live it, of course. stop being addicted to obtaining. i have in many regards, but not enough. i want to live radically. i want to make every moment meaningful, to live with intention, driven by a fiery purpose. to never waste a minute of life on things that don't matter. and then what? i think i will find an intersection that is destitute by night and busy by day, and pitch a tent in it. i will not move when the masses curse me and the fact that they are late to a job they don't like to make money to buy things they don't need. i will watch a bird through the netting of the tent and be glad for its example of freedom. i will tell aforementioned commuters to do the same. 

will this work? i don't know. however, the key for me, the finisher of nothing, the starter of little, is to dive in and start in whatever way i can.
"We stand at the bottom of that mountain feeling overwhelmed, feeling doubt, feeling where do I even begin? You begin when you decide to pick up the shovel. You begin when you determine that you will do all it takes, regardless… You begin when you decide that no matter how long it takes, no matter if your undertaking is successful or not – that it’s not the outcome that matters as much as the journey taken - that shoveling matters." (from

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` pink cookie said...

woow .. you are an amazing writer .. you should be an authoor .. and i agree .. we should all help the less fortunate :) hey im pink cookie.. you are ?