Monday, February 9, 2009

some things that happened!

today i bought wonderful boldly printed retro looking silky fabric to make a tie with. i will wear it with the black suit that i don't really like to wear, and i will feel fulfilled because i made it.

this morning i meditated, the Kundalini meditation as taught by the late indian guru Osho, which includes shaking and dancing along with the whole lotus position being quiet deal that many imagine to be the sum of meditation. it is an hour long, consisting of 15 minute segments (shaking, dancing, sitting quietly, lying down peacefully) to specifically made music... i shook free all of the doubts and plagues and headaches of my mind from the last few days, and during the dance segment i was running through fields with joy, and then i was watching the sunrise with birds flying overhead, and then starting from my head i peeled my skin all the way off and shook around with my various unfettered bodily juices splashing everywhere, and i was really really happy, and then i put all my skin back on, and i was still happy. during the third stage the music is very haunting, and today i saw a mother crying for her dead child, and a brokenhearted lover, and i was very sad. then i cleared my mind and was very peaceful.

i thought about love.

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