Saturday, March 28, 2009

yesterday / dawn

ayer yo vi la cara
del viento, y en sus ojos
pude ver la sangre
de un mil corazones rotos.


yesterday i saw the face
of the wind, and in its eyes
i could see the blood
of a thousand broken hearts.

i like it better in spanish. like most things. spanish is beautiful, it's like a golden misty morning.

exactly one week ago i came home at 5 AM and chanced to look up into the sky. the stars were bright like backlit diamonds. i took my sleeping bag and two blankets and climbed onto the roof of my shed where it's mostly flat. from that throne i watched the sky as it turned from black to navy to blue to lighter blue and orange began to fan itself up further and further and then i fell asleep. it was beautiful.


Mistika en la blogósfera said...

What a beautiful!

Take care boy :)

Una Flor said...

muy lindo...que bueno que estaba en español (ja)

ver el cielo da tanta día el sol radiante , las nubes con formas de noche la hermosa luna con estrellas coquetonas a su alrededor...todo un show