Saturday, May 2, 2009

and if we are Lovers of Life

we will take care of our mother the earth
we will love our fellow man without inhibition or fear
we will rejoice at the color in the grass and they sky and give thanks when the winds stroke our hair
we will open our minds and hearts to all
we will give of ourselves and what we have with joy
we will do everything we can to help the unfortunate, dry tears and save lives
we will be driven by passion for all life sentient and non-sentient, preserving, sending love into the atmosphere
we will fill the earth with positive energy
we will be free radicals never saying no unless it endangers love or life
we will never stop learning of others, their cultures and what makes their souls smile

we will sing and dance and lie in the grass because this dirt and these trees, friends and beasts and our very lives are all one

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